People pack beaches Father’s Day weekend despite patchy algal blooms

The respiratory effects of toxic algal blooms were almost non-existent in John’s Pass Saturday. That’s a nice change compared to what the conditions have been like over the past several days and beach-goers and anglers took advantage.

However, low to high concentrations of red tide are still being detected in areas of Tampa Bay and in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The bite has turned off. I'm not catching as many fish. I see dead fish everywhere, it's horrible. It affects everything man," said Gary Winthrob, who was fishing in John’s Pass.

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Experts say the algal blooms are patchy, so it is still safe to enjoy the water in certain areas. Beachgoers can check the latest red tide updates here

Crews are working hard to keep the beaches clean and safe. Pinellas County contracted DRC Emergency Services to pick up dead fish. 

Managers say they had three boats out near Dunedin on Saturday. It also cleaned up Madeira Beach and Treasure Island.


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