Purple Heart recipient given new home

A retired veteran and his family received the gift of a lifetime Thursday -- a mortgage-free home.

Retired Air Force Sgt. Mark McDuffie, along with his wife and three children, received the keys to their new home in Riverview and got to go inside for the first time.

McDuffie was awarded a Purple Heart after being medically retired for injuries he got in Iraq in 2009.

He's from Geneva, Alabama, but is excited about the opportunities in Florida – and, of course, the new home. 

"It’s not a house, it’s not just four walls and a roof; it’s our home. And it’s where our family’s going to be, it’s where we’re going to have Christmas morning, birthdays, and just so many great events we’re looking forward to,” he said.

The Military Warriors Support Foundation and Wells Fargo teamed up for the donation.