Riverview couple hold wedding ceremony through Facebook live; go on 'coronacruise' in pool

A Riverview couple, like many, had to cancel their wedding plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic -- but that didn't stop them from tying the knot. 

Tina and Craig Hospodor were both widowers after losing their previous spouses. Years later, they met and went on their first date in August 2017. They invited 100 guests to their Ruskin wedding, which was supposed to happen on April 4.

Instead, they said their wedding vows on a Facebook live video. Friends and family tuned in from Washington state, Boston and even Japan.

It was sweet and simple, and in Craig and Tina's words: perfect.

The best part, they said, was their honeymoon, which took place right after -- in their private pool.

They jokingly called it a "coronacruise."