See some of the world's rarest reptiles at Madeira Beach's Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center

Get up close and personal with some of the rarest and most exotic alligators in the world right in the heart of Madeira Beach.

The Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center at Johns Pass Village is home to more than 200 animals, year-round, but thanks to a partnership with Love Reptiles, they are also hosting some exotic creatures in a special exhibit.

Three of the visiting reptiles are among the world's rarest: albino alligators.

Albino alligators are some of the rarest reptiles in the world

The exhibit also features melanistic gators, who possess an excess of pigmentation that causes their skin and eyes to appear black.

Even harder to find are piebald alligators, which exhibit mottled black and white skin patterns. It's estimated that there are fewer than 20 piebald alligators anywhere in the world, but you can see them for a limited time at the Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center.

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