Sen. Scott: 'Quit blaming others' to DeSantis, who says $78M CONNECT website had built-in roadblocks

Floria Governor Ron DeSantis is now offering a more specific explanation about why the state's unemployment system failed and it includes claims against former Governor Rick Scott's administration.

In an interview this week with CBS Miami, DeSantis said an investigation into how the CONNECT site was built reveals possible mishandling or misconduct.

The apparent goal was to "put as many pointless roadblocks along the way so people say, 'Ah, to hell with it. I’m not going to do that,'" DeSantis said.

The review of Florida's online unemployment application system came after tens of thousands of Floridians were suddenly jobless due to COVID-19 closures.

The site, which DeSantis often refers to as a jalopy, buckled under the traffic increase and seemed to never recover, despite months of changes and updates.

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Florida's CONNECT unemployment system was commissioned by DeSantis' predecessor, now-Senator Rick Scott, for $78 million.

DeSantis was asked if he thought it was Rick Scott's intention to discourage people from applying for benefits.

"I'm not sure if it was his, but I think, definitely in terms of how it was internally constructed, it was definitely done in a way to lead to the least number of claims being paid out," DeSantis said.

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Sen. Scott responded Wednesday on FOX Business.

"Look, it's a tough time to be governor. Some people are leaders. Some people take responsibility. Some people solve problems and some people blame others," Scott said.

He never directly addressed DeSantis' claim that the system was designed with "pointless roadblocks." Instead, he spoke about his record as governor.

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"I came in here. I fixed problems. I worked hard to solve the problems I committed to do. That's what I did as governor. That's what I think all Americans expect out of elected leaders. Go solve problems. Quit blaming others," Scott said.

As of Wednesday night, DeSantis has not responded to Scott's latest comments.