Severe winter weather in parts of US delay vaccine shipments in Florida

COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Florida have been delayed because of the snow and ice storm affecting most of the country.   

Gov. Ron DeSantis put out an alert to all county health departments that the bad weather will likely be causing delays in shipments of vaccine doses.  

Publix says currently, only Wednesday’s scheduling event has been canceled. Wednesday’s scheduling event would have been for appointments starting on Friday.

Customers that currently have appointments for the vaccine at Publix Pharmacies through Thursday are not impacted.

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Health officials in Tampa say this mainly impacts deliveries of the Moderna Vaccine. Hillsborough County primarily has Pfizer doses, so they are not expecting a huge decrease in supply.  

Pinellas County schedules its supply a week in advance, so in the short-term, officials say this won't have an impact.  

In Polk County, those who are registered for their first or second dose this week are being asked to monitor their phones or email in the event their vaccine is rescheduled.