Signs warn of red tide's return to Venice Beach

Red tide appears to be back along Venice Beach. 

This latest bloom had been staying to the south of our area, but now red tide has reached Venice, as well as the fishing pier and Caspersen Beach.

Signs alerting beachgoers have been posted.

So far, the levels are registering at "low" to "medium" counts, which means the water still looks clear. That's why officials are posting those signs -- so beachgoers are aware red tide is present, even though they can't see it.

People are still allowed on the beach.

“We saw the sign. We saw people coming from the beach. They said it’s OK. There’s people in the water. We are going to try our luck. It took us half an hour to get here. You have to try it. If not, you go home and jump in the pool,” beachgoer Tom Andresen offered.

Red tide is caused when a particular kind of algae blooms. The algae releases a toxin that makes it difficult to breathe, especially if you have respiratory problems. It can also cause massive fish kills.

Right now, there are no reports of dead fish on the beaches.  There is a slight respiratory irritation in the air.

Scientists say this was expected. They're just hoping it doesn’t last as long as the previous year's red tide. 

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