Tampa business owner inspires students to 'dream big' through power of positive art

Jonathan Davila using walls as a canvas to inspire children in the Tampa Bay community. 

"Art is a really powerful medium because it is tangible," Davila shared. "You can see art. You can stop and reflect."  

Davila is the president of Diamond View studio, a professional video company. Four years ago he started Tampa Foundation, a non-profit that paints positive messages on school buildings to motivate students for future success. 

"That's a reminder to the students to the students that walk to and from school that, ‘Hey, no matter what you are going through in life, it's good to dream big and aspire to be something in the future,'" he explained.

So far, the company has done seven murals. Four are located at Mort Community Partnership School in Tampa. 

"When they see the message there're like you know that anything is possible," said school Principal Latiecea Haley-Brown 

She says the art messages have a positive effect on her students. 

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"You never know what you are tapping into," she explained. "You just think it's paint on a wall, but it actually taps into intrinsically the person." 

For Davila, the goal is to paint positivity all over Tampa Bay. 

"I think at these times it is more important now more than ever to keep a positive mindset despite everything and all the challenging times we are in," Davila stated. 

Challenges that Davila hopes to change with the power of positive art. The foundation hopes to do many more murals in the future. 

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