Teens to be tried as adults for Craigslist murder

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A grand jury has indicted teen defendants Dontae Johnson and Ramontrae Williams on capital felony murder.  Both teens will be tried as adults.

On February 1, Tampa police say, Johnson and Williams hatched a plot to rob James Beck, who was selling a dirtbike on Craigslist. 

Beck drove to Tampa with his teen son to make the sale.  After meeting with the teens, police say, Williams then jumped on the bed of Beck's truck and tried to steal the dirtbike.  When Beck tried to drive away, Johnson allegedly shot him. 

Beck's 15-year-old son Stuart tried to revive his dad, but it was too late. He died at the scene.

On Wednesday, attorneys representing both teens were in a Hillsborough County courtroom.  Public defender Michael Peacock told the judge he believes Johnson is intellectually disabled and not fit to stand trial.

A judge ordered Johnson's competency be evaluated by doctors.  A hearing on the matter will be held soon.

Williams will have a bond hearing on Monday.

"This is a horrible case that really shocked the conscience of the community.  It sent shivers down the spines of everyone who lives here.  But everyone is going to have to wait and let the process play out," offered Hillsborough state attorney Andrew Warren, who was there for this morning's hearing.

Suzanne Beck and her son Stuart showed up for the arraignment and the judge asked if they had any questions.  Both shook their heads no.