Third suspect arrested in Hudson shooting

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A third suspect, Kiyondrea Redfield, has been arrested by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office in connection with a shooting last week.

The shooting happened Wednesday evening at the Ridgestone apartment complex.

According to investigators, Jamarquez Codling and Kiyondrea Redfield attempted to rob Anthony Blount of marijuana. Gunfire erupted between the parties and Codling was fatally shot. 

Two females were also involved and were drivers in separate vehicles at the time. Ariell Felder was driving a vehicle with Codling and Redfield, according to deputies. She suffered a gunshot wound during the ordeal and is in critical condition. 

The other female, Alexas Gregas, is Blount's girlfriend and is accused of ramming Felder's vehicle when the drug deal went south. 

Gregas has been charged with third-degree murder, while Blount was charged with second-degree murder. 

Deputies said Redfield has been charged with second-degree murder.