Wonderfield Farm and Retreat provides visitors with a unique way to connect with nature

Tucked away on the edge of the Flying Eagle Wildlife Management area is a piece of old Florida called Wonderfield Farm and Retreat.

The venue is 70 acres of retired orange groves and farmland now repurposed to give visitors a look into what our beautiful state used to look like.

Wonderfield founders Mark and Tara Hubbard have preserved the land's beauty while still operating the farm and grove as a source of local food and a means of showing visitors how things used to be.

"We grow lots of vegetables, greens, fruit trees, we have cows, we have chickens," shared Stephen Ambrose, the farm's property manager, "It's beautiful. It's just like what old Florida is."

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Wonderfield Farms and Retreat has four cottages and four glamping tents.

Wonderfield Farm and Retreat provides visitors with a look at old Florida 

"Our mantra is 'Restore your Wonder,' so when people come to Wonderfield, just being able to be on-site and have this immersive time in nature. It really helps you connect in that way," explained Tara Hubbard, "We want people to experience how life used to be."

And, that 'how life used to be part' includes being out in the woods and connected to nature.

"(We have) tons of wildlife, tons of birding, we do get the occasional wild boar, we have deer, and we do have the occasional alligator," admitted Hubbard. "The property is surrounded by a spring-fed canal, and what's so special about that? Because it is spring fed, that water stays 72 degrees year round."

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The venue has amenities that will help even the most 'citified' person enter the country.

Hubbard calls it "(The) Gateway drug into nature; there's nothing like waking up outdoors!"

To learn more about Wonderfield Farm and Retreat and see their availability, you can visit their website by clicking here