Charley Belcher

Charley Belcher

Feature reporter

Charley is a three-time Emmy award-winning feature reporter. His stories air Monday through Friday mornings on Good Day Tampa Bay in a segment called "Charley's World." They are stories about people and events in the Tampa Bay area all told from Charley's creative perspective.

Charley has won three Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards for his feature reporting over the years. His first Emmy was for a series of feature reports following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the NFC Championship game in St. Louis in 2000. He won his second Emmy in 2005 after profiling famous photographer Bud Lee. And his third Emmy was awarded for a feature story he did on a butterfly farmer in St. Petersburg.

Charley was born in Ft. Myers and grew up right here in the Tampa Bay area -- Pasco County to be exact. He received a degree in broadcasting at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

Before returning to the Sunshine State, Charley worked as a reporter at WIVK radio and WATE-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee. He returned to his home town and joined FOX 13 in January of 1998.

Charley is an avid sports fan, and always roots for the local teams -- the Bulls, the Bolts, the Rays and, of course, the Bucs!

If you would like to contact Charley, you can email him at You can also connect with him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @CharleyBelcher.

The latest from Charley Belcher


Dunedin has a huge exhibit of very small art

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is holding its 45th annual Miniature Art Show -- the Miniature Art Society of Florida’s annual competition. More than 800 works of art will be on display, including the society’s permanent collection of miniatures. Entries from around the world and across the country provide a wonderful diversity of subject matter and framing techniques. The show runs through February 9th.


Students get a STEM lesson by skating

On Friday, fourth-graders in Hillsborough County were getting school credit by skating. It’s part of their STEM lesson (science technology engineering math). There are 14 lessons to choose from that focus on topics that include, force, friction, Newton's Laws, momentum, physics of roller skating, and Doppler effect. More than 15,000 students visited last year and for many, it was their first time roller skating


The 35th year of the Florida RV SuperShow is here

The Florida RV SuperShow is taking place at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This is the 35th year of the SuperShow! This is your chance to see the latest and greatest in RV’s available today. The show kicks off this morning and runs through the weekend.