Rebuilding airline industry could be long trek

Reviving the airline industry in Florida could take years to get back to January levels, requiring confidence from passengers that their flights and their destinations are safe from the coronavirus.

State road widening shuts down Dover business

A Hillsborough County business, around for decades, is being forced to count down its final days. Harold's Feed & Pet Supply in Dover will soon be brought to the ground as part of a planned state road expansion. 

Debate over toll road projects continues to flare

With many environmental and business groups split about the need and purpose of the projects, lawmakers during the 2020 legislative session will start looking at continued funding and accompanying infrastructure --- water, sewer and broadband ---- as tentative alignments for the roads will soon be rolled out.

Suspended HART CEO spent nearly $2,000 at restaurants

Last year, Hillsborough County voters were so fed up with traffic they approved the highest sales tax in the state to fund improvements. Then in March, Ben Limmer was hired to lead Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority - HART - which will spend much of the new tax money.