Accused Florida Capitol rioters may interact with each other, ordered to stay away from fugitive co-defendant

A group of accused Capitol rioters from Florida will be allowed to stay in contact with each other while out on bond. 

According to new court filings, federal prosecutors recently lost a key battle in court.

A Washington D.C. judge ruled that while a group of accused Capitol rioters from Polk County will be allowed to interact with each other while out on bond with one exception-they are not allowed to have any contact with co-defendant Jonathan Pollock, who remains a fugitive.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to stop all communication between defendants, Olivia Pollock, Joshua Doolin, Michael Perkins and Joseph Hutchinson. They argued the group may be helping Pollock hide from authorities.

But in a joint response by the defense, they called it pure speculation and the judge agreed.

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Prosecutors say on January 6, 2021, Jonathan Pollock and Hutchinson charged the fence at the Capitol and began attacking police.

Accused Polk County Capitol rioters

Federal agents say Michael Perkins attacked a police officer with a flagpole, hitting the officer in the chest and over the head. They say Olivia Pollock hit an officer in the chest with her elbow as she tried to breach the police line.

Documents show Jonathan Pollock is heard yelling "let’s go" as he attacked police, pulling and dragging one officer down the Capitol steps.

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Yet, eighteen months later he has yet to be caught. 

The FBI is offering up to $15,000.00 dollar reward for information leading to his capture.