Beach art class helps participants relax by painting picture-perfect sunsets

There are no shortages of beautiful sunsets around the Tampa Bay area and now an artist is teaching others how to paint sunsets one brushstroke at a time while unwinding on Indian Rocks Beach.

John Comer taught art therapy in 38 retirement communities throughout the Bay Area for 20 years but when COVID-19 hit, he had to change directions. Comer decided to teach a few classes on the beach painting the sunset. The courses quickly gained popularity.

"My favorite part about doing these classes is getting people to forget all of the craziness of the world," Comer shared.

Comer is a self-taught artist who fell in love with painting when he was very young.

"Growing up on a dairy farm, I escaped chores and work by drawing and sketching. I did a lot of illustration work and when I turned 30 is when I got into acrylic painting and it took off from there," he explained.

Comer’s classes consist of people who are avid painters and also those who have never touched a paintbrush. 

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"Eighty to 90 percent are people who just want to come out, put their toes in the sand and create something," Comer said.

He teaches his ‘Sunsets by Brush’ classes on Indian Rocks Beach at the 21st Avenue beach access. All supplies are provided. 

"When you have that brush in your hand, you don’t think about anything else…I can get somebody to forget about all the craziness and get a little bit of artistic time in and let you ease your mind. That makes me happy.

LINK: For more information about ‘Sunsets by Brush,’ visit them on Facebook


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