Citing COVID-19, Taylor County schools to shut down for 2 days

Citing "challenging daily operating procedures" because of a staff shortage related to COVID-19, the Taylor County schools will close on Thursday and Friday. 

In a note on the district website Tuesday, Taylor County Superintendent Danny Glover said the district is operating with the "minimum number of staff necessary to run our schools," due in part to students being quarantined. 

"While we are not having huge increases in COVID among our faculty, our staff, like you, have felt the strain of determining who will stay home with their quarantined student," Glover said. 

Glover wrote that closing schools in the rural district of about 2,700 students will "allow us to reset and proactively devise plans" for the rest of the school year. 

Teachers will use Thursday to collaborate on instruction, and the administration will reassess daily operations, Glover said. Friday will be a non-working day for faculty and staff.

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