Fortune 500 company coming to Florida Polytechnic University expected to have benefits beyond the school

Florida Polytechnic University just got a major feather in its cap. The Fortune 500 company, International Flavors and Fragrances, just agreed to set up an operation on campus.

University President Dr. Randy Avent says the new tenant will potentially yield enormous benefits far beyond the university.

"All of our students have to complete a year-long Capstone project. They will sponsor some of those projects. There will be internships for the students. There will also be careers for the students. And potential research for the faculty, and academic appointments for them," the president explained.

Avent says IFF will also bring in high-paying, high-tech jobs to the area as well, and may act as a catalyst to attract other companies.

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IFF will be housed in a new building called the Innovation Center.

"We see the Innovation Center as a touchstone in the heart of the North American citrus belt," explained Karel Coosemans, an IFF spokesman. "So, we certainly hope this is the beginning of a bustling research hub."

IFF plans to be up and running on campus by 2023.


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