Gulfport assessing damage costs from Tropical Storm Eta

Four out of the six sailboats stranded during Tropical Storm Eta remain washed up on shore or against the seawall next to the Gulfport Casino.

A large truck with a crane helped take two off the beach Sunday morning.

"We had 3 to 5 feet of storm surge, with 6 inches of rain, and a 60-mile-per hour southern wind pushing the water up into our city," said Christine Brown, a city councilor for Ward 2.

Councilor Brown says she has not seen damage like this in 30 years.

"There's insurance going on, FEMA might step up and since it was a state of emergency they might come up and offer some assistance as well," said Councilor Brown.


Pinellas County wakes up to flooded areas, damaged boats as Eta moves away from the region

It was a stressful, busy night for many in Pinellas County, specifically for those living in the flood-prone areas. From Madeira Beach to St. Pete, many watched as water spilled into streets of neighborhoods and into their homes and businesses as Tropical Storm Eta pummeled Pinellas County. 

Part of the damage the city needs to repair is to the floating dock in the marina and a long railing leading up to the dock.

Businesses along Shore Boulevard are back open.  The east side of the street will be closed between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. Monday so a crane can fit to push two sailboats on the sea wall back out into the water.