"He seemed off:" Men recall learning that new friend was accused serial killer

It was a ride they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Five friends from Tampa were riding the bus from Orlando to Tampa a few weeks ago. They struck up a conversation with another passenger, Stanley Mossburg who, unbeknownst to them, was accused of killing three people - one in Tennessee and two more in Winter Haven. 

“I could describe him as sweet, very humble, very respectful, well-mannered,” Gabriel King told FOX 13. “He was very talkative, very friendly.”

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Even though they were not with Mossburg for long, King felt he could trust him.

“I felt a connection between me and Mossburg,” he said.

King’s friend, Richard Otto said nothing seemed amiss, but he felt the need to be cautious.

“I never felt unsafe with him or we would have dropped him in a heartbeat,” Otto responded. “He seemed off...I asked him what the tattoos on his arms were, and he said, 'Oh, it is all about all the people I have killed in the past.”

Otto says he thought Mossburg was joking. He also brushed off another comment.

“He said, 'Just don’t piss me off or you will get the worst of my behavior,” he recalled.

When they arrived in Tampa, Mossburg and the group rented a storage space together.

They didn’t realize what they had gotten themselves into until investigators approached them with a warrant to search the unit and told them Mossburg has been arrested for murder.