Love and Lightning: Riverview couple exchange vows with Bolt-themed wedding

Jill and Dave Flanigan make an all-star team. Together ten years and married three, the Riverview couple's key to happiness is love, laughter, and a special spark of lightning. 

"We both love hockey and that was great for common ground to begin with. It’s perfect," said Jill. "We both look forward to hockey season. There’s nothing we like better than watching the games together. It’s a huge part of our lives."

More specifically, they’re talking about the Stanley Cup champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning. They are huge fans who proudly wear their blue hearts on their sleeves.

"We’re just perfect for each other. We get along great and we like the same things," said Jill. "He just goes with the flow."

Provided by: Jill and Dave Flanigan

That's exactly what Dave did when Jill proposed a unique idea for their May 2018 wedding. Celebrate the two things they love most: each other and the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

"I didn’t want to do a traditional white dress. I found a beautiful blue dress, which just so happened to be a Lightning color, which made it even better," said Jill. 

It snowballed from there. They chose a Bolts-blue bouquet for Jill, a wedding cake with Lightning-blue filling inside, and a reception fit for a hockey fanatic.

"There was a playoff game that night. So, I got a big screen TV and brought it into the reception. Everybody gathered around and watched the playoff game," said Jill.

That's right, this bride stepped aside and let the Lightning shine on her wedding night. 

"When I thought they were cheering for me or him, it was actually that the Lightning scored. But that was fun," said Jill.

A small sacrifice to make after finally finding the one.

"I waited a long time in my life to find the perfect person," Jill said. "And I did. Finally."