Lutz church donates over $38,000 to eliminate lunch debt for students in Hillsborough, Pasco counties

School district officials announced a local church will pay off student lunch debt for students within two counties.

Idlewild Baptist Church said it will wipe out student lunch debt for all juniors and seniors in Hillsborough County public schools, as well as students from Kindergarten to 12th grade in Pasco County public schools.

In total, the Lutz church is donating $21,367.33 to students in Hillsborough, and $17,000 to eliminate all lunch debt for students in Pasco.

The church’s senior pastor said they hope the donation "can be a source of hope during the pandemic."

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School officials said student debt for seniors could mean they will be unable to participate in graduation ceremonies. 

"Now, seniors in both counties will not have to worry about outstanding debt interfering with end-of-year activities thanks to Idlewild’s donation," school officials wrote in a statement.