Pirate-themed distillery crafts ‘unique spirits for unique souls’

Even though Gasparilla was canceled this year, there’s a distillery in Bradenton that embraces pirate culture and celebrates the scallywags of the seas.

Loaded Cannon Distillery imagines a fictitious ship set in the 17th to 18th centuries, the Golden Age of piracy, where pirates roamed the seas around Florida. It prides itself on crafting unique spirits for unique souls.

"Loaded Cannon has a variety of spirits for everyone. It’s not just for the bourbon or whiskey drinker. We have award-winning vodkas, award-winning gins and a great collection of rums, one being our famous toasted coconut and our butterscotch," share Michelle Russell.

Loaded Cannon spirits can be found in 18 restaurants throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Visitors can see the mashing process, the fermentation system and the bottling process by taking a tour of the distillery. Tours are 25 minutes and include samples as well as a commemorative shot glass.

"Anyone can say they are a distiller, but to actually have a true craft and a passion for it is what Steve gives to every product," Russell explained.

Loaded Cannon is the first distillery in Manatee County and everything is made on-site and approximately 95 percent of the ingredients are sourced from Florida. It was also nominated one of the top ten in the country for best new craft distillery. 

LINK: Click here to learn more, including hours of operation. 


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