Polk State College could face class-action suit over fees charged during pandemic

Students at Polk State College could have some money coming their way thanks to a student's lawsuit, alleging the school mishandled operations during the pandemic.

A judge recently decided to allow the lawsuit, which was filed in July, to move forward, clearing the way for a class-action suit that would include thousands of students.

The lawsuit alleges that Polk State College did not keep its end of the bargain after students paid for parking and hundreds of dollars in lab and other fees, even though classes were virtual.

The suit says the college should reimburse the student who filed the suit because she wasn’t on campus to get what she had paid for.

The student is represented by the law firm Morgan & Morgan, which says it plans to file a class-action suit.

It is unclear how much money is at stake. However, the sum could be sizable.

Similar suits have been filed against colleges and universities around the country, including against the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, and Florida State University.