Ritchie murder trial enters second week

Testimony resumed Monday in the Granville Ritchie murder trial. He's accused of raping and killing 9-year-old Felecia Williams in Temple Terrace five years ago.

Friday, prosecutors told the jury that a family friend named Eboni Wiley was taking care of Felecia the day she died. Wiley decided to leave her with Ritchie so she could go buy drugs. That’s when, they say, Ritchie killed Felecia, stuffed her body in a suitcase, and dumped it off the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

Eboni Wiley took the stand Monday. She and 9-year-old Felecia were close. Felecia looked up to Wiley.

"It was like a mother and daughter relationship," said Wiley. 

On the day of the murder, Felicia asked her mom for permission to spend the day with Wiley. Felecia's mother said yes, but she no idea Wiley planned to take Felicia with her when she was picked up by a man named Granville Richie Wiley had a crush on him.

"I was falling in love with him," said Wile.

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She told investigators the three had lunch and then went to an apartment in Temple Terrance. Ritchie then asked Wiley to go get him drugs. Wiley agreed and left Felecia alone with Ritchie.

When she returned, Felecia was gone and Ritchie was panicked, Wiley said.

"I told him to calm down because I was starting to panic too," said Wiley.

Wiley said she and Ritchie came up with a story to tell the police. Wiley told detectives she was taking a shower and when she came out, Felecia was gone.

She told investigators while she searched for Felicia, she had a friend drive her to Ritchie's apartment. 

She told Ritchie the police were on their way and then she asked him the question police would soon be asking.

"I know I left her with him, so you sure you didn’t do anything to her? He said, 'no, no,'" Wiley recalled.

Wiley is back on the stand Tuesday for cross-examination.

Ritchie faces the death penalty if convicted.