'They’re trying to kill me': Oneal's father recounts phone call from his son on night of murders

The murder trial of Ronnie Oneal continued Thursday, with more family members taking the stand. Oneal, who is accused of killing his girlfriend and their 9-year-old daughter in 2018, is also accused of trying to kill their son. The boy, now just 11 years old, is the star witness in this case.

The jury took lots of notes Thursday, paying attention to every witness, especially the testimony from little Ronnie and from Oneal’s father, who got a call from his son the night of the killings.

From a remote location, over video conference, Ronnie Oneal’s son took the jury through the trauma he says he survived nearly three years ago.

Ronnie: I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom, like, screaming at him.

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Little Ronnie was only 8 years old when he says he watched his father kill his mother and sister.

Ronnie Jr. testified Wednesday that, "he hit her with an ax in the back and in the head and then I saw her eyes roll and there was blood everywhere."

He says his father then tried to kill him too. 

Oneal, who is defending himself, cross-examined his son.

Oneal: Good to see you, man.

Ronnie: Good to see you, too.

Oneal: Did I hurt you that night of this incident?

Ronnie: Yes.

Oneal: I did? And how did I hurt you?

Ronnie: You stabbed me.

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Oneal is accused of killing Kenyatta Barron, the mother of his children, and his 9-year-old disabled daughter, Ron'niveya, and then attempting to kill Ronnie, Jr.

Prosecutors say Oneal then set the house on fire.

One of the last family members to testify in the trial was Oneal’s father, Billy Smith, who said he remembers getting a call the night of the murders.

"[Ronnie Oneal] told me, ‘Kee Kee was trying to kill me, Kee Kee was trying to kill me. They’re trying to kill me,’" Smith told the courtroom.

Smith rushed to Oneal’s Riverview home to find chaos and carnage.

The prosecution said it will wrap up its case Friday and then the defense will begin its case. They’re expected to call nine witnesses.