Tampa Bay True Crime Series: The shooting death of Bradley Hulett

Christopher Ramsey Bevan was 15 years old when he was booked into the Hillsborough County jail and charged with killing his friend.

At the time, Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren acknowledged the shooting death of 15-year-old Bradley Hulett appeared to be accidental, however, it did not seem unavoidable.

"We're charging him [with manslaughter] because of the severity of what happened. Even though his conduct was unintentional, a life was lost," said Warren.

On December 13, 2019, Bradley and his best friend, who is the son of Tampa police officer Edwin Perez, were at Perez's home, along with two other boys.

Bedroom where Bradley Hulett was shot and killed

Crime scene photo of bedroom where Bradley Hulett was shot

The four teenagers were doing what boys do, says Bradley's father, Brad Hulett.

"Bradley was gaming, he had headphones on," explained Hulett.

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But as one of the boys, identified as TT, explained in a police interview, the three others became distracted when Ramsey clogged the bathroom toilet.

"We head into the bathroom to look for a plunger but we did not find a plunger and he sees his dad’s gun sitting there on top of like a little table thing in the corner of the bathroom and picks it up and he says, ‘Let’s go scare Bradley,’" recalled TT. "Ramsey says, ‘Put it behind his neck so he gets scared,’ so they leave… I trail behind them and I follow them into a room and as I’m walking there, I hear Bradley say 'Oh that’s real,' then I walk into the room and Ramsey has the gun and he’s like playing with it and then he says, ‘What if it’s loaded,’ and then it went off and hit Bradley."

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TT became tearful and then explained to officers what followed the gunshot.

"I heard a big boom and I duck, and I close my ears and I am closing my ears and I hear screaming, ‘Call 911 right away,’" said TT.

A month after the shooting at a candlelight vigil for her son, Meagan Hulett told the crowd she needs Bradley's friends to stay close to the family.

Bradley Hulett

Bradley Hulett

"I need you guys to keep coming over so I can feel like nothing’s changed," explained a sobbing Hulett.

But things did change. The visits from Bradley's friends ended and, except for TT, the two other boys refused to talk to law enforcement until they had lawyers.

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"Now I can't get past that they won’t tell the police what happened. If it was an innocent accident, why won’t you tell the police what happened?" asked Meagan Hulett.

Three months later, Christopher Ramsey Bevan was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Officer Perez and his son were off the hook. That doesn't sit well with Bradley’s parents.

Christopher Bevan photo

Christopher Bevan

"I can't wrap my head around a loaded weapon in a house with teenage boys unsupervised," said a tearful Meagan Hulett.

But more than a year after Bradley’s death there was a surprising revelation that could shake up the case. It involves Bradley's little sister, Ava and the accused shooter, Ramsey.

"Ava went to Bradley and asked him to put an end to it, so he did. Bradley had made a comment that Ramsey and he were making up or working it out," explained Brad Hulett.

So what was the rift between Ramsey and Bradley? Part 2 of FOX 13's Tampa Bay True Crimes Series continues Tuesday, August 24 at 10 p.m.

Bedroom shown in evidence photos

Crime scene photo of bedroom where Bradley Hulett died