Teenage siblings charged with murder in botched drug deal, deputies say

Two siblings are facing charges that could send them away for life. 

Henry McGall, 18, and his 15-year-old sister Madison are charged with the murder of 22-year old Jesse Silver in a botched drug deal. 

Investigators say Madison was buying drugs from Silver in October when she tried to rob him. 

During the struggle, deputies said Madison’s older brother Henry showed up with a gun and shot Silver while he sat in his car. 

In a strange twist, the victim's brother is Jordan Silver, who is accused of a deadly shooting spree during a rap video this summer that left Haley Cox dead and nearly killed her boyfriend, local rapper Erik Bronkowski.

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"Oh, I feel very lucky to be alive," Bronkowski said. "I feel like I shouldn't be alive."

Bronkowski said he watched his girlfriend die right in front of him.

"I don't know what possessed this dude to do this horrible act and random shooting like he did, " he said.
Jordan Silver has been in jail ever since without bond.

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When he heard about his brother’s murder, his attorney Maria Dunker asked the judge to let him out of jail to attend his funeral. 

"Allow him to be escorted to the funeral by the Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies," Dunker asked of the judge. "Of course he would pay for the services for that to occur."

However, the judge denied the request and Silver remains in jail -- as do the McGall siblings accused of killing Silver's brother. 

Madison McGall will be arraigned on murder charges on Monday.