We asked, what word best describes 2020?

Some day, 2020 will probably take up a large part of the history books, but if you could only use one word to describe it in the present day, what would that word be? 

Parker Mayhew kept it simple, calling it "different."

"Everything's very different," he said.

Thanks to the pandemic, we all wear masks. We also live in a so-called new normal. It's been, to say the least, "Stressful."

Billy Savage of Sun City Center said, "Of all the uncertainty, not knowing what's going on with COVID-19."

From the pandemic to the candidates, we were bombarded with headlines in 2020. Every day, it felt like there were new twists and turns.

What word would you use to sum up 2020?

Some called it "overwhelming."

"You had to change your strategies and your operations," Harriet  Batis said.

It's all been a learning experience, from distancing to sanitizing. 

Tulane baseball player Turner Thompson called it "hectic," but in a good way.  

"I made a lot of new friends. It's been a crazy experience having to be on the baseball field and wearing a mask. it's been fun, to say the least," Thompson said.

Speaking of fun, Tampa Bay took home the Stanley Cup, made it to the World Series and is headed to the NFL playoffs behind Tom Brady.

Of course, nothing comes easy in 2020. Call it "challenging."

"Sometimes it's hard to get over those challenges, but we made it. I'm excited about that," said Erica White from Riverview.

Let's try to get excited for what's to come in 2021, now just a couple of days away. Perhaps next year we can finally start to feel some "relief."

"Hopefully this new normal, we can go back to the old normal," Yuri Holley said.