Five shelters available for residents with electricity-dependent medical needs

Hillsborough County is feeling the effects of Eta, despite being farther off the storm’s projected path.

There are no mandatory evacuation orders in Hillsborough County, but officials have opened shelters at five schools.

The shelters are open only for those who are dependent on electricity for home medical needs and other special circumstances.

Hillsborough Schools Superintendent Addison Davis said those schools include Steinbrenner High School, Burnett Middle School, Middleton High School, Reddick Elementary School, and Sickels High School.

For an updated list of shelter locations and other information from Hillsborough County emergency managers, click here.


Hurricane Eta information: Hillsborough County

Ongoing updates from Hillsborough County as Hurricane Eta impacts Florida.

Officials asked residents to seek out family and friends to stay with before resorting to a shelter.

The shelters are intended only for those dependent on electricity for home medical needs, or who live in homes and manufactured housing that is susceptible to wind damage.

For those with no other means of transportation, the county may be able to arrange pickup. Call 813-272-5900 for public transportation as a last resort.

Public works crews have been pumping and lowering retention areas to try and reduce flooding.

Officials ask residents to be careful if they have to leave their homes, but if you don’t have to, it’s a good time to stay inside.

Eta closures and emergency information by county: